About Us

The University of Canterbury Engineering Society Inc. (ENSOC) was founded in 1897 by Professor Robert J Scott, and is one of the oldest surviving student clubs at the University of Canterbury. ENSOC has evolved a lot over its 125 year life and nowadays strives to help its engineering members further both their academic and professional aspirations. ENSOC has also established close ties with the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (ENGNZ) and is currently the ENGNZ student chapter representative. 

ensoc committee in front of a firetruck

What We Do

ENSOC strives to make the transition from secondary school to university as smooth as possible. Regular academic tutorials are offered to students at University Hall, the largest hall of residence at UC. The annual Fresher Field Trip aims to connect students who are new to university early in the year. Older students are also catered for, with the Engineering Yarns night and the ENSOC Engineering Careers Expo connecting engineering students with summer internships or graduate jobs with New Zealand’s leading engineering organisations. ENSOC’s Speed Interviewing event gives students valuable interview practice with industry representatives.

people setting up for a university event

Our Fields

ENSOC aims to assist students in all aspects throughout their time at university, focusing on the academic, community, industry, social and sporting events during the year.


ENSOC has been a driving force for the social INDUSTRY scene within UC, coordinating some epic tournaments and events for all to get amongst.


Social sport is important to ENSOC. Not only is this another opportunity for students to connect with those outside of their academic field, engaging in physical activity also enables students to clear their heads and focus on their coursework.


ENSOC is recognised by the Dean of the Engineering School, Professor Conan Fee, as having an important role in both the professional and social development of students at the University of Canterbury.


ENSOC recognises that university is a great opportunity for future engineers to connect with each other early in their careers. Social events such as BBQs, the ENSOC Ball and the Hokitika Wild Foods Trip encourage engineering and non-engineering students to mix in a more informal setting.


Jonesy is our very own club fire truck. Jonesy has been part of ENSOC for 22 years, he was gifted to the club in 1970 by the Christchurch fire department. Jonesy has been involved in numerous heroics, including saving 200 kittens from a burning building. A little known fact about Jonesy is that Helen Clark was conceived his back seat by Helen’s mother and ex-fireman father back in 1949. Catch Jonesy parked up at ENSOC’s events!

ensoc members in front of a firetruck