People taking part in a first aid course

First Aid Courses

This one goes out to all our Engineering students! As promised, the team at ENSOC are providing discounted first aid courses for our members, big thanks to our mates at MediTrain. It’s a solid $25 off! If you’re studying Engineering, in order to graduate with your degree, you must complete a first aid course covering three units standards set by UC Engineering.

ENSOC and Meditrain will be running these courses through self-learning, a Zoom call and a short in-person assessment that will be held on campus. It couldn’t be easier!!

So if you’re studying Engineering and are an ENSOC member, here’s your chance! If you didn’t manage to sign up during clubs day, no worries at all! You can either sign up at for $25 (which is equal to the discount). It’s a win-win!! Being a member you’ll get discounted tickets to our jam-packed year!