ensoc members take part in academic challenge


ENSOC is recognised by the Dean of the Engineering School, Professor Shayne Gooch, as having an important role in both the professional and social development of students at the University of Canterbury. In an effort to enhance the academic performance of all our engineering members, we run a range of tutorials throughout the year, study suppers, as well as organizing a professional development programme that is open to all students.We also run the prestigious Templin Scroll academic competition, which is an award for the best technical report on any area of engineering or science.

First Aid Courses

This one goes out to all our Engineering students! As promised, the team at ENSOC are providing discounted first aid courses for our members, big thanks to our mates at MediTrain. It’s a solid $20 off! If you’re studying Engineering, in order to graduate with your degree, you must complete a first aid course covering three units standards set by UC Engineering.

Second Year Academic Handbook

I’d love to tell you it gets easier from here but it doesn’t. Don’t worry, through this 2nd year handout the ENSOC team and I will give u a run down on the courses and who to talk to for help, useful or something useless tips and tricks, what ENSOC can offer you and other lessons we learnt the hard way so you can avoid them.

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Intermediate Tutorials

ENSOC takes great pride in hosting academic tutorials. The committee run these tutorials in association with the college of engineering. Both the committee & university tutors provide support and advice for first year engineering students. At all these tuts, ENSOC provides some free goodiesto satisfy those study cravings. Before the tut is scheduled to run, students can ask the committee to bring in resources, past papers, reports to help them with whatever they’re stuck on.

Professional Development Seminars

With help from the college of engineering and the EPS library, ENSOC runs many events to build and grow our members technical and non-technical engineering skills. These seminars include help with the following: Finding Summer work, Job applications (i.e. writing a CV and Cover Letter), Helpful tools on the computer to aid with your university work (e.g. endnote).

Templin Scroll

The Templin Scroll Competition is held annually to recognise the academic writing and presentation skills of any student who is taking a regular course of study at the School of Engineering who is a financial member of the Engineering Society.

Study Suppers

ENSOC provides a free supper to all engineering students working in the core during study period each semester. This will give them an opportunity to refuel, give their brains a rest, have a chat and catch up with fellow engineers. We hope that these suppers will brighten up their evenings and help their productivity and positivity. Food, coffee and juice will be put out for the half hour, with people encouraged to chat around the tables and enjoy a study break. Location: Recharge Lounge in the Eng CoreTime: 8.30pm all of study week

Speed Interviewing

Engineering New Zealand, in conjunction with ENSOC, have set up an event to help with students interviewing skills. The event is run like speed dating. Students talk with a qualified engineer, from our industry partners, in a simulated interview setting. After five minutes, students receive feedback. This helps students sharpen their interview skills, on top of gaining insights into industry. The experiences, advice and participation from lecturers, academics and industry representatives are invaluable to this event. You do not necessarily have to have a knowledge of the industry as employers often ask behavioural type questions during a job interview.If you are interested in learning more about this event, or would like your company represented at this event, please contact industry@ensoc.com.‍

Engineering Challenge

The engineering challenge is a yearly ‘scrapheap’ design and build challenge, where teams of 4 are tasked with coming up with the best solution to an engineering problem in a short amount of time. This gives the more practically minded an opportunity to shine and gives all who enter the chance to take on a team of lecturers. Previous years have seen trebuchets, slingshots and five meter high towers win the trophy. This is a staple part of an engineering students calendar with a more light-hearted design environment than exams and assignments. Last year’s challenge saw nine teams face the task of launching a basketball at six milk bottles three times. Each milk bottle was worth some points and the team with the most points at the end of the challenge were the winners.