A band plays to a crowd at an ENSOC social event


ENSOC has a proud history of creating the biggest and best social events on campus – something which is epitomised by the sheer number of large scale events that we run each and every year. No other club provides such a wide range of different events for such affordable prices, and with the guarantee of great times. A brief rundown of our different events can be found below:


Four times a year, on the last Friday of term are the notorious ENSOC BBQ’s. With dress-up themes such as dynamic duos, sailors and surfers, chads and cheerleaders, athletes and mathletes, you’ll never know what you’re going to get. The BBQs are an uncanny level of fun and never one not to please. Over 500 students all dressed, up having some drinks under the sun while dancing to tunes. Whether it’s a live band or a DJ, we’ve got you covered. Also, did we mention there are FREE and unlimited hash browns and snags, hot off the grill? ENSOC BBQ’s are the definition of value for money. If you have to make it along to one event this year, then this is it. 

Fresher Field Trip

Best event of the year for all the beautiful young fresher students! Involves a couple of party buses taking 250 students, all who are fresh out of high school, to a secret location. Honestly what else could you ask for! This event is a sell out every year, a must for the all freshers! The field trip is pyjama party themed, and every year we see a wide range of pyjamas, whether that be your Peter Alexander Silk set or unicorn onesie you brought in year 10. This event is a great opportunity to get down and dirty on the dance floor and to meet new people outside of your hall (large benefit if you’re from college house).

Hokitika Wildfoods

ENSOC hosts the annual trip to the premier event of the west coast, Hokitika Wild Foods. One hundred students get in their cars and begin the roadie, making their way over the hills and through to Hokitika. Stopping at numerous iconic spots along the way, Sheffield’s pies, Castle hill and Otira viaduct lookout, the journey over is only half the fun. Arriving Friday arvo in Hokitika and setting up your tent on the beachfront; the night is still young. Bonfires line the water’s edge as the sun sets and the games begin. Saturday morning and you’re up to smell of snags, hash browns and bacon sizzling on the BBQ. After a quick feed, it’s costumes on, and you’re ready to boogie. The whole day is spent partying in the mosh, having some laughs and trying all the culinary delights the west coast has to offer. Evening comes, and you’re off to Stumpers bar for some drinks and to get your funk on. Afterwards, it’s back to the camp for more dancing around the fire and shenanigans with the locals on the beach. We cannot guarantee you’ll be in bed before 3 am, but we promise you’ll have the time of your life. If you’ve ever wanted to see giant swans surf, a man with no teeth or simply try a mountain oyster, this is the trip for you. Hokitika Wildfoods is a once in a lifetime event that’s not one to miss. 

Leaver’s Dinner

To celebrate the difficult time you have had over the last four years trying to completion your engineering design we have the leavers dinner to sum it all up. The middle degree crisis, all the late nights and all nighters you have pulled, and all the assignments you received high turn it in scores, leavers dinner is the night to celebrate all that! The event includes a dinner, awards and of course all the free alcohol you can imagine made from the chemical engineers. The night is the perfect way to end your degree before you head out into the cold dark workforce.


Every year the ball is one of the largest events ENSOC hosts. An event that cannot be missed. Tickets include live music, a bit of alcohol and a great opportunity to meet some new cute engineering boys or girls. The ball allows you to dress up in your fanciest outfit, bonus points if it fits the theme which changes every year (How exciting!). This is a winter event, so girls will need a couple of layers of Bondi (and boys if that’s your thing) and lads will need a nice jacket to top off their outfit. Each year we add a new twist to the ball to ensure it brings some delight to the cold Christchurch winter we all know and love!

Quiz Night

Can't be bothered making flat dinner? Looking for a reason to write off a weeknight? Think you've always lacked recognition for your superior general knowledge? While we love a few engineering head-scratchers, don’t worry if you’re not one, the quiz night caters to all backgrounds. Come on down to the annual ENSOC quiz night. With free food, cheap drinks and a plethora of questions to prove you’re the smartest in the flat, what more can you ask for?

Third & Fourth Year Back To School Bus Trip

Time to pull out the blazers, shirts, ties and skirts. Who doesn’t love a mystery bar crawl? As the name suggests, this one is all about piling into a bus, kicking it with your mates and starting off the second semester with that back to school vibe. If you loved the fresher field trip then here’s your chance to relive those memories.